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Royal 7 provides superior graphic design, website development and screen printing solutions. We pride ourselves on relentless work ethic, outstanding business relations, and the ability to produce consistent and effective branding solutions. 

Our creative and artistic procedures are backed by strong design fundamentals. Interested in developing long-term relationships with clients, we enjoy witnessing the growth and success of businesses. Through quality service, innovative design, and a commitment to investing in leading edge technology, we will capture your brand’s essence and translate it consistently, powerfully and positively to the public.


Founder Gerry Mohammed Scott brings almost 30 years of graphic design, web site development, advertising, fine arts and screen printing experience with him to Royal 7. As a student at Loyola University, Gerry interned and worked at agencies in Chicago such as Absolute Graphics and Digi-Plot. He then moved to New York City to pursue a Master’s Degree at Pratt Institute. He gained experience working in advertising, graphic design and website development agencies throughout Manhattan. Gerry was influenced by the new era of experimental graphic design brought about by the emerging role of Macintosh computers in the industry in the early 1990s. Designers such as Rudy VanDerlans, Barry Deck, Zuzana Licko, David Carson and Jeffrey Keedy influenced Gerry during this time. He quickly developed a style combining modern graphic design with earlier influences Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Milton Glaser, Paula Scher and Neville Brody. His experience at Pratt Institute gave him intense work ethic and discipline in the trade. Fellow students worked together and challenged themselves becoming the new masters in an age where the computer quickly became a tool integrated with traditional graphic design practices. Gerry also worked at Renaissance Multimedia,  one of the first web site development agencies in the country.

In 1995 Gerry Scott went on to start his own business, G-Mo Design. Growing the business, he opened shop on John St. in lower Manhattan. Following 911, Gerry brought the design studio back from the World Trade Center recovery site to a rapidly changing progressive Brooklyn. In 2007, Gerry moved his family to Cincinnati for a change of pace and environment. Along with the move came the relocation and eventual name change of G-Mo Design to Royal 7 LLC in 2011. Realizing there was a demand for quality screen printing, the trade was added to Royal 7’s list of services.

Royal 7 has proven effective in contributing to the public identity of many businesses. Our process is a blueprint that guides us in creative strategy from the first handshake to the final product. Preparation and organization are the crucial initial steps in developing a successful project in a proficient manner. To begin, it is necessary to communicate ideas with our clients. We want to know the goals, targeted audience, content, style, and function of the prospective project in order to apply efficient marketing strategies. The creative process begins with limitless nothingness — a blank sheet of paper or computer screen. Under the guidelines of the project’s demands, ideas form and are typically presented to the client as thumbnails and compositions. The final production phase begins once a definitive direction is approved. Expertise in production allows for an outstanding client experience and successful end product.  

Early work from 1989, Gerry Scott

Prior to the integration of computers (specifically Macintosh) into the graphic design field, time consuming mechanicals were created for final printing. Paste-ups for printing were created by designers using photographic printouts of type and photostats of images.

With the onset of the digital revolution, tedious tasks of traditional graphic design practices are sped up by the computer. Being able to create print ready layouts on the computer allowed for quicker pre-press production time. Graphic designers can now spend more time creatively. Also, turnaround times for final work has been incredibly reduced.